Hebrew Verbs and Conjugations

Hebrew verb construction and conjugation app

The Hebrew verb tables are an essential tool in providing learners the proper basics of the Hebrew language.
Hebrew verb construction and conjugation – for better learning and understanding the principles of the Hebrew language – this app provides some unique features:
– More than 4000 verbs, including slang
– English translation (most verbs, infinitive form only)
– Live search results for easy finding
– Verb root letters colored in red
– Verb analysis by בניינים, detailed לוחות and גזרות
– Demonstrating both כתיב מלא and כתיב חסר where relevant
– Syllable stress marking in special verbs for better pronunciation
– Fullscreen enlargement for better nikud examination
– Switch views: by the person (I, you, etc.) or by time (past, present, etc.)
– Tag your favorites
– Written appendices to enrich the knowledge
– Supports landscape and portrait view

Enjoy learning Hebrew with Prolog Dictionaries, Ulpan Courses, and Verb tables.

Download here for Android Devices